Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Marillion Weekend 2011 - The Brazilian Diary

Marillion Weekend 2011 - The Brazilian Diary

I had spent fourteen years waiting. Days, months and years spent dreaming. Dreaming and imagining the reunion between myself and Marillion.  It would be a reunion that reason would not understand, a reunion made of pure, immeasurable love.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

You And Marillion - Mona Bergum son Story

Tomorrow on the 17th of March,at 12 noon in 1981,I gave birth to my son Morten  has always loved music and at the age of 7, I introduced him to Marillion .

As the years went by  he grew bigger and became a teenager. His relationship with Marillion started when I bought the "Seasons End" CD. He and his little sister Maren, loved the new lead singer Steve Hogarth! "Unninvited Guest","Easter" and so on...They had some new 
Idols in their lives.

8 Days !!! Marillion - Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

You And Marillion - The Sirens Song, Mona Bergum Story

Norway, the magical land where ancient mountains lie down in the sea like sirens singing life melodies. Answering their song, Marillion shed their music into Mona Bergum life.
A divorce is the brutal mark of the end of story. Among tears, memories, bureaucracy, struggle an LP was left behind. When the new beginning knocked on Mona's door, the old friend destiny made her find the "Clutching at Straws" left behind by her ex-husband to open her "Incommunicado" heart. "Sugar Mice" expressed what her heart could not say in that moment, that her soul was embraced by love again. An inexplicable passion for those guitar chords was born. A remarriage emerge, Marillion marriage, and this one would never end. Mona tried to spread "the everything is going to be fine"  feeling with her kids by playing no stop Marillion music. Unfortunately, for her kids at that time the silence was the best music being played. Time is wise and it decided that Mona need a whole pause from the Marillion marriage to rebuild their relationship.
"One fine Day", while walking on the street Mona heard the sirens calling again, this time, from inside a music shop. A new voice in the same perfect song lines, telling her not to be "Afraid Of Sunlight". Her heart raced, hands sweat, chills down her spine and Mona`s soul was taken by the emotion of finding an old love.   
She came back home with that "Uninvited Guest", but at this time was "Sympathy" at first sight. Mona was touched, her kids were enjoying the maximum present a mother can provide, love manifested trough music and now it would "Live Forever". Plunged into  Marillions sensitivity sea the kids found one of the reasons of worth living, music. 
When life paraded its art of meeting, Mona found love again. That was the time for her "Splintering Heart" walk into the "Fantastic Place" called love. Trough those hours passed in the tenderness shadow, "100 Nights" of endless love. The fed dreams, shared moments, eternal conversations and stimulants challenges were accompanied with the trilling Marillion`s electric symphony. "The Party" live performance started for the family, and it repeated several times. In every Gig they shared "Hope For The Future" certain that "Happiness Is The Road".   
By becoming woman, Mona became "Brave" and faced her "Runaway" girl past with eyes of grace. The grace to recognize that she was a mature woman, who sometimes needed to be "Made Again". The grace to recognize that the "Brave" woman sometimes feels like a naive child. The grace of being free, strong, and "Beautiful".
This year her body will stay in Norway while her spirit will be "Somewhere Else". It will be flying at the Holland Convention.

Mona`s Facebook

We would like to thank Mona for allow us to tell her story.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

A message from Mark Kelly.

We love sports like we love Marillion, that`s why we have a special request for those who also love sports. Please read Mark`s message and let us know if you are coming.

A message from Mark Kelly.

"On Saturday morning at 10am I am organising a Marillion fun run for well..! We will meet up in the main square in front of the Adventure
Factory wearing silly running kit and nursing hangovers to run two 5k laps
around the site. The less fit can quit after one lap and the really fit can
head off down the coast for a few hours and tell the rest of us how it went
later in the bar. I you are interested in joining me please send me an email
to and I will add you to my list and send you
begging emails to sponsor my London marathon run in April"

Come on lets run! Women and Marillion Runner team ! :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Phone and Flight List! Getting together at PZ convention!

Dear Marillion Lovers,
For those who are going to the PZ Convention we are making a phone and flight list, for us to get together.
If you feel like, please send us an message with the time that you arrive and your phone number. Once you arrive we will call you.
Lets get together!